Week 8


I have failed at updating, BUT I have reached my first milestone! WW sets up weight loss goals for you, and the first was a 5% loss, and I finally hit it!

Current Stats (as of 4/4/14)

Starting Weight – 132
Current Weight – 124.8

I am down 1″ in my waist, .5″ in my arms, .5″ in my thighs and 1.25″ in my hips. Though I am not entirely sure I am taking my measurements correctly, we will go with it. I set my new goal for 10% weight loss – it will be the lowest I have ever been if I hit the goal.

I am trying really hard to listen to my body’s cues – how I feel after I eat something, am I hungry or thirsty or bored, etc. Really trying to understand what I need when I need it. It’s been a slow learning process, but day by day it gets easier. I have been more forgiving with myself, small indulgences instead of really big ones. Giving myself one cheat day a week hasn’t really been the best approach. I found myself getting too excited for this one day, gorging and not feeling good afterwards. I felt it set me back for the rest of the week (I was dangerously low on “extra” points and I just felt bloated and lethargic). If I give myself more of a break through the week, I do much better. I use the extra points when I need to, but I can usually work around balancing my day – if I know we have big plans at night, I stick to fruits and veggies through the day.

Now that the weather is warming up (finally), the dog and I have been going on more walks. Our path is a solid 2 miles and we can usually walk it in 40-50 minutes. It’s not fast, but it gets us moving and Riley likes to sniff everything and anything. She always knows when we are on the return, she beelines home and doesn’t look back.

J is pushing through the semester, and I am crazy proud of him. He is so close to being an EMT and I cannot wait until he is doing something he loves. It’s been a really tough road, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The animals have become BFFs, but all the animal hair is becoming the bane of my existence. I lint roll before I go to work and still show up covered in hair. It’s not professional and there has to be a better solution. We are constantly vacuuming and brushing the cat, but it never goes away. That’s what we get for having a long-haired cat, haha

I have been in a funk the past few weeks, nothing seems to be going right and it just seems like a black cloud is sitting over my head. It happens more often than not, and I think it might be time I do something about it.

Weekend festivities are starting! Bachelorette party this weekend, then wedding, wedding, bachelorette, wedding, wedding. It’s going to be a very busy spring and summer!

It is amazing the things it takes for us to realize how stupid the small stuff really is. In the grand scheme of life, the minor annoyances/failures/road bumps don’t mean squat. And how quickly we forget about that. How quickly we are to immerse ourselves in the negative and what we don’t have instead of remembering and embracing the good. We are very lucky people – everyday we wake up to a brand new day full of life’s new excitements. Everyday we get the chance to start over and make ourselves better regardless of what happened in the past. There are people to wake up to, to laugh with, to grab you when you are falling.

I am guilty of that more than most. I woke up in a foul mood after a fight and it was going to ruin my entire day. But the morning had different plans for me. (Thanks to the millionth snow storm) I hit black ice, spun out of control and hit a ramp barrier. Thankfully, I was the only one involved and the only thing damaged was the car and my ego. For a second, I thought it was all over. That this very flash of my life and the anger I felt were the last things I would remember. I realized I was being a fool. Harboring on things that didn’t need to exist and failing to appreciate everything I had would have ruined what could have been my last moment. Is that really what you want to see when your life flashes before your eyes?

This may be minor to some, but it was a wake up call for me. Life is too short to be resentful about things no longer in my control. Life is too short to not appreciate every little thing about the people I care about – the good and the bad. Life is too short to make mountains out of molehills. Life is just too short.

Week 5


Last week was hard. I fell into old habits, didn’t exercise, and gave myself more liberties than I should have. I am down .4 lbs. I’m not surprised. I had so much gusto at the beginning and it’s fading quickly. My cheat day turned into two semi-cheat days. Or it’s been a little give and take each day. I don’t feel good, I feel bloated and lethargic. I need to kick myself into gear again.

In other news, it snowed. AGAIN. While the snow day is nice, the snow part is becoming cumbersome. Let’s hope that is it for this winter and some warm weather may be headed our way.

The spray collar seems to be working. We have tested Riley a few times (sitting outside the door, knocking on the door) and she doesn’t bark. Or she will bark once and be done. I need to go back to the neighbors and see what they say, but fingers crossed this is the solution we were looking for.

Guinney forgets she’s a cat I think. She wants belly rubs all the time and wants nothing more than to be outside. She has darted out the front door a few times now and she is getting faster on her escape. Usually she will walk very slowly out the door, this morning she trotted right out like she was on a mission. We need to keep an eye out for her. J got her a laser pointer and she is obsessed. She senses whenever you are about to pick it up and comes out from where she was.

That’s all going on in our house, we are boring. Sometimes boring is good.


Love this – inspiring and beautifully written

Originally posted on Hannah Brencher:


My words are not a parachute.

They won’t soften the landing when that moment buckles your knees and breaks you down to the floor. My words, they’re not no cold bucket of water. They won’t extinguish the doubt that blazes heavy, heavy, like a fire catching to all the pretty things you touch. Nothing I write can prepare you for that moment.. maybe you already know the one.

It’s going to hit you at some point. It might meet you randomly. 2am. 4am. When you’re standing in the middle of a crowded campus or alone in your cubicle beside a cactus you keep forgetting to water. No matter where you are, it’ll hit you. And you’ll look up suddenly. And you’ll look around. And you’ll let these words slip out from your lips, “Why am I here?”

Why am I here? And what am I doing? And this? Well, this…

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We have received two notes at our door regarding Riley’s barking. They are always anonymous and have been months apart. This one stated they would make a formal complaint should it happen again. Obviously, this had me stressing when I came home. I went to all the neighbors to apologize and figure out what was going on, but no one said they wrote the note and almost everyone said she barked sometimes but it wasn’t a big deal. So, I’m at a loss as to who is sending these notes or what to do about it.

Riley still suffers from separation anxiety and we knew she was barking sometimes. We got the ultrasonic bark collar and that seemed to be working. We figured she was barking if someone knocked on the door or she heard a noise outside, normal dog behavior. She only does it when we are not home, so we don’t actually know the validity of the claims – how long/ how often/ etc. We are either going to get a nanny cam or set up a digital recorder. We also bought the citronella spray collar as the next step – trying all our options. I’ll report back on that once it arrives.

Part of me wants to stay a step ahead and go to the leasing office and see if anyone has made a complaint about us. At least make them aware that we aren’t ignoring the complaint and making every valiant effort to correct the problem. Especially since we still don’t know who wrote the notes after talking to everyone. The other part of me doesn’t want to stir the pot if we don’t have to.

Any helpful advice on how to deal with barking dogs when you aren’t home or with anonymous neighbors?

I like WW’s motivational tools. You get a star for every accomplishment you make – losing two weeks in a row, keeping up exercise and making your healthy checks, etc. This week I got my first five pounds star. I am down to 126.8, total loss of 5.2 lbs. I’m not gonna lie, the scale might be lying this week. I was really bad. It has been stressful and emotional and I reverted to some of my old habits – my weakness to snacking. I made it okay to have more than one cheat day and completely validated the use of my bonus points. But it has helped me realize that I cannot stick to the “super gungho healthy” all the time. Sometimes you just want a cracker, and that is completely okay. You just balance it with something better. The point system has showed me my skewed perception on what I was actually eating. I ate like a house. My tiny snacks added up. It’s been a reality check for sure. I get the urge to cheat a lot, but that only hurts myself. It was a really good feeling putting my jeans on this morning and not having to squeeze as much as I used to – can’t remember if I have worn them earlier and they have stretched a bit but we are going with it.

In other news, I went to the doctor for my physical today and everything is where it should be, minus my Vitamin D. I have to take a supplement and see if that helps. She also suggested I add yoga to my exercise routine and I might find a class to take. I have been really stressed out lately and it might help. And I need to work my core.

I need to make some lifestyle changes and focus on me for a bit. There are so many things swirling and I can’t keep getting caught up in all of it. It’s becoming unhealthy for me. I need to stop moving through the motions and make some direct changes to my inner self. Because something is not quite right and I am the only one who can fix it.


Yesterday was a hard day. We laid to rest a great man and an American hero. He was the boyfriend of a dear friend of mine and, though I did not know him personally, my heart is broken for the great spirit the world has lost. He was a decorated soldier who passed in a training accident; it was shocking and sudden.  It is moments like this where you can’t help but ask WHY? Why do horrible things happen to good people? Why was a life taken so quickly and incredibly too soon? What sense does this make?

L is the most amazing woman I have had the pleasure of knowing and I do not know where she has found her strength, but I admire her. To have the love of your life ripped away from you… I cannot begin to imagine what she is going through.

It was a beautiful service at Arlington and a reminder that our freedom does not come free.

I don’t have any words for the sadness I feel for his family and friends. For the heartache I feel for L. For the anger I have of a life cut short…

Rest in Peace Major, you will always be in our hearts


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