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  For a change of pace, I tried a variation on traditional pizza. This pizza is made in a large portabello mushroom cap and consists of only leeks and tomatoes. The original recipe can be found here. Dating a meat and cheese lover, we made a few variations to our pizza.     Very simple […]

It’s got to be that time again – Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. The day where couples become extra lovey-dovey and singles complain they are going to be alone forever. I never really understood the craze of Valentine’s Day. When did celebrating love mean breaking the bank? In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was always a big […]

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras This weekend changed my life. I did something I hadn’t prepared myself for, that I thought was years away. My family and I had to put our dog to sleep. Our vibrant, loveable, heartwarming, genuine pug who was only seven […]

If anyone says you can be in a relationship and not gain weight, please tell me how. My boyfriend and I really enjoy food, probably too much. Time to hit the gym! But that is neither here nor there. I kind of cheated… my meal wasn’t completely homemade. This past week has been crazy and […]