Will You Be My Valentine?


It’s got to be that time again – Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. The day where couples become extra lovey-dovey and singles complain they are going to be alone forever. I never really understood the craze of Valentine’s Day. When did celebrating love mean breaking the bank?

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was always a big deal. You had to have a card for everyone in the class and you got to put it in their special Valentine’s Day box. Then there were a lot of cookies, cakes, and sugar to hype you up before sending you home. I remember spending hours looking at all the Valentine’s Day card boxes (you know, the ones you had to tear on the perforated line and each had some cool but cheesy saying) to make sure I had the right ones. The best cards in the box always went to your best friends or your crush. Then there were the kids who would put a box of candy hearts in everyone’s box. It was all in good fun. Then you grow up and realize people go ape-shit crazy over this holiday – buying out flower stores and chocolate shops, making reservations at the most expensive restaurant, going balls to the wall to make this one day extra special.

I was reading an article that Pizza Hut will set up a proposal for you on Valentine’s Day, ring included, for the small price of $10,000. There is a bakery in Philly that will do it for $50,000. Granted the ring is gorgeous, but that seems excessive to me. If you have that kind of money to spare, by all means please do it. I, on the other hand, would be severely peeved if I found out my BF spent that much on a proposal. I don’t want to spend $10,000 on a wedding. Also, where do people have that kind of money in this economy? I would really like to meet them and find out how. haha

I was discussing this with a guy friend of mine, and he called me a liar. He said every girl wishes and hopes for Valentine’s Day to be big and special, and this almost offended me. Would it be nice to feel special on Valentine’s Day? Of course! Am I putting all my hopes into this ONE day? Absolutely not! Are my expectations to be whisked off my feet with an expensive dinner and a horse-drawn carriage? No, I don’t have that expectation for any day. I would much rather have a great home cooked dinner and cuddle on the couch with a movie.

Valentine’s Day is a great day to spend it with people you love – whether it is your significant other or your best friends. You also get free reign to be as cheesy as you see fit. But let’s remember there are 364 other days we can and should celebrate love and the people we cherish most.


One Response to “Will You Be My Valentine?”

  1. I completely agree with you. Valentine’s day is OVER HYPED.

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