First Month


We have made it through our first month! It has definitely flown faster than I anticipated. Riley has made a lot of progress and I don’t think we gave her enough credit for adjusting. Whenever trying anything new, it only takes a few tries before she gets it. She goes up and down the stairs now, which is great! She really loves being outside on her walks and is going to the bathroom fairly regularly now. She has so much energy and it’s so great to see her personality coming out.

Riley is definitely attached to me, always by my side and leaves the room when I leave the room. She is still running a little bit from J, but she will come when he calls her and cuddles on the couch with him. She has gotten a lot better being gated, very little whining when she is left. Still haven’t gotten her to take any interest in toys, but she has plenty.

We have started going to a puppy play date at PetCo every Sunday. If we stay with her, she is happy and walks around a little bit but always stays close. If she is by herself, she just sits in the corner waiting. She got really scared last week because a little girl kept picking her up to play, but other than that she isn’t too bad. And she hasn’t been as bad as she was in the beginning. She’s not up for playing with any of the dogs just yet, but I think after a couple of weeks she will be better.

Still no interest in other people, when we have company she usually stays in her bed in the kitchen unless we block all the corners and close all the doors. She doesn’t cower and shake in the corner though, Riley just sits and observes from a distance. She is definitely an attention hog, whenever there are other dogs around she makes sure we still notice her. Never aggressive or mean, rather playful.

We are still looking for a vet, we have it narrowed down and will need to schedule a check up sooner rather than later. Luckily, we were able to get her heartworm preventative from the shelter since they have her record and everything. Riley went for her dental appointment a few days ago and her teeth are amazingly clean – it’s remarkable compared to what her teeth were before. We have discovered she gets car sick though.

Over the July 4th weekend, we are headed to Missouri to visit J’s family and taking Riley with us. It will be her first big adventure away from home. We didn’t feel comfortable leaving her with anyone just yet, since she is still nervous around others. His family has two small dogs who are very high energy, so it will be interesting to see how she reacts. It also means about 15 hours in the car each way, so hopefully we figure out the car sickness. Any remedies you have tried to help with this?

In other news, I have failed at cooking new things.. It’s been awhile since I tried a new recipe. I am determined to get back into it though. With the warm weather, there are so many new recipes and cocktails I want to try.

More pics of Riley:






























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