Rewind and Pause


This has been a trying week. First off, Riley has mastitis. Yes, my spayed dog has a blocked milk duct. It started Monday night when we noticed Riley was acting really lethargic, not really wanting to do anything or move anywhere. Then she didn’t eat her dinner. When J took her for her walk, he noticed a lump on her stomach. Our minds go to worse case scenario and we rush her to the emergency animal hospital. Mind you, we have spent way too much time in emergency hospitals this year with a heartbreaking outcome. We were not ready for something like that again, especially with our newly adopted pup. The technician, vet and staff were really great at this facility. The doc suspected an insect bite so he sent us home with some antihistamine. The next day, Riley was acting more like herself. I stayed home with her just in case and we spent a really nice day relaxing. Two days later, the lump was getting worse, it was larger and looked painful so we took her back to the vet. This time he was a little more confused and took some fluid to sample. It is a very bizarre situation. He said it was most likely caused by her spay being around the same time as her heat cycle and the hormone change caused her to have a pseudo pregnancy. Since the shelter didn’t know her past, we don’t know her past and this seems to be the most probable conclusion. We are two days into the antibiotic and I can happily say the swelling is almost gone. It is still pretty red and she is still producing milk, but it is amazing how quickly it has healed. This could also explain some of her weird behavior. I feel bad for my little one, she thought she was going to be a mama. I wonder if it affects dogs to the same degree as humans…

In other news, I’m trying to work through some things. I need to focus on what’s important and let go of the past. Resentment is making me an ugly person and something has to give. Life happens so fast, you get so caught up in everything you forget to enjoy it. Through all the shit that gets thrown, we forget that it does get better. It’s very difficult for me to stop and let go, but it’s a work in progress.

Don’t you hate when the weekend just started and you can already feel it slipping away?


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