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We are moving! We toured the new place last night and are pretty sold on it. The apartment is a bigger layout for cheaper rent, even with the pet fee. There are a few things we will be sacrificing – a smaller kitchen, bathroom and less storage space. But we will be gaining a dining […]

So this week is off to a fun start. Monday, our leasing office posted our lease renewal, which was an insane increase in rent if you as me. So, I sent them an e-mail seeing if they could lower it. Tuesday, we got a revised lease that was $14 less than the original offer. We […]

This week one of my really good friends was terminated from their job. Not because the work was poor, but because the boss could not separate personal feelings from professional ones. Yet, there is someone still employed within that department who has made considerable errors on an almost daily basis, has been demoted and continues […]

To My Dad


My dad is a very unique man. He grew up in Communist Vietnam and fled the country at 18. From there, he lived in refugee camps until he finally made his way to the U.S. with only the clothes on his back and a dream in his heart. Without knowing the language, he worked odd […]

So, I had a REALLY great idea for a post last night before I went to bed and was really excited to write about it… and it was forgotten by this morning. Gotta love my short-term memory. Probably should have written it down.. but ah well. I was very proud of myself last week, I […]

Dog Walking 101


Apparently I missed a class in dog walking 101. Why do dog owners always keep so much distance between their dog and other dogs while on a walk? Aren’t we supposed to be the friendliest bunch? I can understand if your dog has a tendency to be aggressive or doesn’t get along with other dogs […]