Dog Walking 101


Apparently I missed a class in dog walking 101. Why do dog owners always keep so much distance between their dog and other dogs while on a walk? Aren’t we supposed to be the friendliest bunch? I can understand if your dog has a tendency to be aggressive or doesn’t get along with other dogs or something. But if your dog is friendly, why is there so much worry when you see a fellow dog walker on the sidewalk? It’s like we can’t even be on the same street. I have no problem with my dog being sniffed by other dogs, she needs the interaction. How do you relay that to other dog owners? I have encountered countless dog owners scowling as you walk past them while they are yanking their dog as far away as humanly possible from you and I don’t get it.


I had a really awkward encounter this morning when I took Riley out. It went a little something like this:

6:30am – groggily walk dog outside clearly not paying attention to my surroundings

– hear something in the distance, see lady standing in her night-gown with really large dog looking at us

– keep my dog to the far side of the grass to walk past so we can take our usual route

– large dog starts running towards us with owner yelling at him to stop

– dog owner trips and falls while in pursuit of dog

– b stands there dumbfounded and apologizes profusely not really sure what to do


The owner was very friendly, but I felt so bad. Being the dummy that I am, I couldn’t even think to help the poor woman up, just stood there going between her and her dog and apologizing. Definitely looked like a real asshole there. If I had just turned a different direction we could have avoided the whole mess. Her dog just wanted to say hi, which is totally fine by me. But I guess other owners do not feel the same. Why can’t we share the grass/sidewalk? Maybe if his owner hadn’t tried to keep him away, we wouldn’t have had this crazy incident. Along our morning walk, I encountered several other dog walkers who would stop walking their dog yards away from us until we were clear from their path.  Why do so many dog owners run away from other dog owners or avoid them at all costs?

Is it fear the other dog owner won’t like their dog meeting another dog? That has probably happened a lot. But it’s what dogs do. Is it because you don’t want to make small talk with the other owner? I wonder if other dog owners get angry or annoyed with me for not turning the opposite direction when I see them coming. I see no need for it. My dog is walking close to me and if they so happen to sniff each other so be it. There is enough space for both of us.


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