Remember That Time I Had A Great Post Idea And Then Forgot It In My Sleep?


So, I had a REALLY great idea for a post last night before I went to bed and was really excited to write about it… and it was forgotten by this morning. Gotta love my short-term memory. Probably should have written it down.. but ah well.

I was very proud of myself last week, I drank at a bar by myself. Granted, it was the sports bar in a hotel, but I think it counts. I’m the type to be absolutely terrified to do anything by myself. Power in numbers. But it was a particularly long day and I needed a distraction from the work that loomed ahead of me in my hotel room. Struck up a nice conversation with the bartender that led to a to-go cup of Blue Moon. I think it definitely increased my productivity. I have this problem of being severely awkward in new situations with unfamiliar people. In my head, I think it’s better if I just stay out-of-the-way and listen in on other people’s conversations, but in hindsight that kind of makes me look creepy. I should probably work on that…

J’s car broke down again yesterday, so that’s fun. This is the second time in about a month, I think it might be time to start looking for a new car. Just when we start thinking we can get our footing again something else has to happen. Is this really how life goes? I miss my naivety when I thought everything was rainbows and puppies.

Speaking of puppies, mine has gotten into a lovely habit of emptying her bladder when she gets really scared. Which coincidentally is only when J comes towards her with the leash, every other time she is just fine. I don’t know what she has against men, but hopefully she will grow out of it. She is so good otherwise, we can leave for hours and she won’t go in the house. But when J has that leash it’s game over. We have a retractable leash and he accidentally let it go one time when it was still attached to her, so maybe that is where here fear is stemming. She’s such a scaredy cat and remembers EVERYTHING. We have upgraded her to the living room so she has more space to move around while we’re gone. Not that she really goes anywhere besides the couch and her bed. But this way, she can see everything and there is more light. She’s also been sleeping in our bed, and has decided it’s a really good idea to lick my face in the middle of the night and stare at me. Totally not creepy. haha She knows the alarm and is the first out of bed when it goes off. Still has no interest in toys, but loves to chew on paper when it falls on the floor. Overall, she’s a really sweet pup and we love her more every day. We are having a BBQ at the apartment this weekend and we’re hoping she doesn’t lose her mind.

Two weeks from today, we are going on vacation! And by vacation I mean spending a week with J’s family, so not sure how much of a vacation that’s going to be. We are going over 4th of July and the plans include: camping, fishing, and shooting off fireworks. It’s a total boy’s trip and I’m going along for the ride. Last time I went camping I was a Girl Scout and I’m not a very outdoorsy person. I like to go for walks and enjoy the sun, but I hate bugs and getting dirty. Just not my thing. It’ll be nice to see his family though. We are driving so we can take Riley, who gets carsick. It’s a 16-hour drive, so we will be taking some calming medicine and Dramamine.

This I think sums up my life for the past few weeks:

Beach, Food, Dog


I hope you all have a very happy Friday!


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