Corporate Politics


This week one of my really good friends was terminated from their job. Not because the work was poor, but because the boss could not separate personal feelings from professional ones. Yet, there is someone still employed within that department who has made considerable errors on an almost daily basis, has been demoted and continues to be the favorite. The only difference is one is an ass-kisser and one isn’t. Shows great management doesn’t it? It makes my heart break that this kind of discrimination could happen to someone so hard working and who is loved by all. It does not make sense to me. Your success is not based on how hard you work, but on who you know and choose to schmooze. But in a dog-eat-dog world, the boss always wins.

It reminds me of how my father was let go from his position after devoting 26 years of his life to the establishment. It wasn’t right or fair but was corporate politics. It still makes me ill thinking of how everything unfurled, they didn’t have the decency to give him a proper exit. After all that time and they sent him away like he was nothing. Two years later, we are still putting the pieces back together and he isn’t even a blip on the radar to them anymore.

In these situations I can only hope and believe in karma. That justice will be served and the heartless people on top will get what is coming to them. Who out there is protecting the little guys? The ones at the bottom of the totem pole? My friend sought assistance multiple times to address the problem and none was given. And now look where the situation has led.

I will never understand corporate politics. How the sleazy always win and the good guys finish last. How hazy the line between professional and personal is and how often it is crossed. And how difficult it is to fight the guys on top.

I am so grateful for my boss who is fair and just. Who can separate work from friend and knows how to treat each situation as such. I have realized how rare that is to find. And that makes me sad. Managers and directors are put in place to inspire and lead. Not abuse their power for their own personal agenda. So many good people are knocked down in their prime and for what?!

My heart goes out to anyone who has been in a similar situation. I hope you find your justice in some form or another.


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