To Move or Not To Move? That is the Question


So this week is off to a fun start. Monday, our leasing office posted our lease renewal, which was an insane increase in rent if you as me. So, I sent them an e-mail seeing if they could lower it. Tuesday, we got a revised lease that was $14 less than the original offer. We felt kind of insulted – I called and tried to negotiate with them, told her we probably couldn’t afford to live there anymore and she told me, “Okay.” I guess they are not hurting for my business. So we are looking at other options. The kicker? We have to give them an answer by July 6 aka when we are on vacation – so we need to do our apartment hunting in the next 3 days.

Smart tactic leasing office, put us in a time crunch so we are almost forced to renew our lease. But you have underestimated by determination in finding the best place for me, J, and the dog.

There are so many advantages to just staying: the area is great, it is really close to work, a 42-in TV comes with the apartment (which, believe me, is huge for J), and we have really liked living there. I just can’t believe how much they raised the rent, it is almost an 8% increase. Maybe it is starting to be the norm, but it is ridiculous for the space we have. But the idea of moving is so daunting. And the thought of having to pay another pet fee when we just paid it for this place makes me a little ill.

We are only looking at one other place that is in the next city over and has lower rates. Hopefully they can fit us in this week and we can check it out and start crunching the numbers. It doesn’t make sense to move unless we are going to save some money. I was a little discouraged when I called to make an appointment during leasing hours and they told me they weren’t planning on being open that late… ummm okay…

The joys of being an adult.


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