And the Verdict Is…


We are moving! We toured the new place last night and are pretty sold on it. The apartment is a bigger layout for cheaper rent, even with the pet fee. There are a few things we will be sacrificing – a smaller kitchen, bathroom and less storage space. But we will be gaining a dining room, which I’m really excited about. Also, the complex is about the same distance to everything, just in the opposite direction, so that’s a plus. The leasing office is very nice and I’m glad we gave it a chance. They are officially under new management as of yesterday, which explains the chaos when I called earlier.

I think this will be better in the long run. There are some upfront costs, but it will pay for itself over time. It is a place that we could stay for more than a year, which is the ultimate goal. My head is still spinning from everything happening so quickly. Being the cautious person that I am, it makes me hesitant to make it final. J always knows what he wants and jumps in head first.  I am kind of relying on that for assurance.

We are putting in our notice today and will do the new application when we get back from vacation. As of now, the smaller apartment that we are leaning towards (mainly because of cost) isn’t available, but there are a ton of the larger ones (with great scenery from the balcony too!). That’s not to say they won’t become available, but we would like to see if it’s an option before we choose one.

I’m so glad to have this resolved, it’s a huge weight off our shoulders to have a decision made. Ahh the joys of moving all over again – it is going to be nice to stay in a place for longer than a year.

Counting down to vacation!! Happy Friday!



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