Toes in the Water


As promised, a vacation post! Vacation takes forever to get here and is gone in the blink of an eye. J, Riley and I roadtripped to Missouri (J’s hometown) to visit his family and for some needed R&R.

Ready for our trip!

We started our epic 16-hour trip Friday after work, which probably wasn’t the smartest idea. We were both tired from work, but were eager to get on the road and get to Missouri. The trip started out fine until we hit some monstrous thunder storms. At one point, J’s phone sent out the emergency weather signal and had us panicked because we didn’t know where it was coming from. Good thing to know now, and it is a very useful tool. Turns out we were driving through a tornado warning, no biggie. The storm was so bad, you could barely see in front of you. Knowing the storm was moving opposite of us, J powered through while I held the dog. We stopped around 1am at a rest stop to take a nap and then were on the road again. I took over for a couple hours, but J did the majority of the drive. It was the longest 16 hour car ride I have ever experienced. The combination of our tiredness and driving mainly in the dark made it difficult, but we stayed up together and made it to Missouri around noon on Saturday. We probably would have made it there sooner if I didn’t need to stop at practically every rest stop in between. Oh well, small bladders and multiple energy drinks don’t go well together on a long car ride – lesson learned.

Swimming at Amidon

Our camping trip was cancelled because of the triple digit heat, that wouldn’t have been fun for anyone. But, we did spend a lot of time out on the lake and on the river, and of course fishing. We tried to do a float trip, but we didn’t have enough time. I have not spent much time in rivers, just the ocean, so it was a nice change of scenery. His dad was able to take a couple of days off, so he came with us. There is no doubt J is his father’s son, they are almost carbon copies of each other. It was great to see them together and his dad is just swelling with pride over his kids, it was really touching to watch. J’s grandma made some delicious meals and I ate myself silly the whole week. From chocolate gravy to ham and beans to fried catfish – I was one well-fed girl.

Found an armadillo at Amidon

For the 4th of July, we had a BBQ which consisted of two pulled pork shoulders and ribs. SO GOOD!  All the fireworks in the town were cancelled because it was so dry, but we made our own. We had some rockets and artillery shells, and we successfully launched a sky lantern (last time it got torn apart from the wind). Next year, J wants to put on a bigger show.  While we were out at Amidon, J’s sister found a wallet with over $200 in it! She is the master at finding hidden gems. She graciously treated us all to dinner with her findings and it was delicious. Trying to escape some of the heat, we went to the St. Louis Science Center for a few hours. They had a lot of interesting exhibits and we sat for their planetarium show (which included an exhibit on NASA and space travel). You can build the arch and complete mind puzzles and hang out with the dinosaurs. Hopefully next time we can explore St. Louis a little bit more.

St. Louis Science Center

Riley did really well the entire trip! She was still standoffish and preferred to observe, but more people were allowed to hold and pet her and she was fine when we left her for the day. She even started chasing the other dogs a bit. It was definitely good for her to get some other dog interaction. Especially little dogs since she is mainly around big dogs at home. His family nicknamed her “Ninja Dog” because she was so quick and liked to hide.

Bella and Riley

The week was jam packed with activities, but was all worth it. I’m glad J got to go back for a longer time this visit. Coming home, we split up the drive and stayed in Kentucky for a night. On the way, we passed many whiskey distilleries we want to try and this beautiful castle that I now want to get married in. When I win the lottery… which has to be soon right?

Driving home

After a week, we finally have some order in our house. We are trying to settle everything with the leasing offices so that can be taken care of. As it stands, we will have to move later than we were aiming for, but it’ll work out better.

Happy Monday!


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