A Sister is a Forever Friend


Today is a very special day, my baby sister turns 20.

My sister and I are almost 5 years apart. I still remember the day she was born. My mom had a scheduled C-section, so my parents left me with my aunt the night before. I was so excited for my little sister I could hardly stand it. When it was time to go to the hospital, I wore my prettiest dress and told everyone that my sister was here! When we got to their room, my parents gave me a Barbie doll and told me it was a gift from my sister. **Confession – for years I believed my sister actually brought me the doll…** They made me sit in a chair so I could hold her and it was instant love, I wanted to hold her forever. It was all well and good until they brought her home…

To put it nicely, my sister was a terror when she was little. When she cried, she would hold her breath until she turned blue, successfully scaring the crap out of my parents and anyone watching. And she cried ALL the time. All the joy of having a younger sister went away the moment I realized I had to share my parents. She was definitely the crier and I was the more independent child. So, I would always get mad when she got her way. We had our spats and my mom would always tell me “one day you will be grateful for your sister. she’s all you are going to have in the world.” I never fully appreciated that until I got older.

Growing up, it always felt like we were on two different worlds. I don’t know if it was because of the age difference or what, but we were content doing our own things. Being the oldest, my parents were harder on me. But once I got something, my sister had to have it because it wasn’t “fair” otherwise. Um.. excuse me.. I had to wait a whole 5 more years for certain privileges, she can wait too. Somehow that argument always fell on deaf ears. haha. Somewhere between high school and college, my sister and I did a switch and she became one of my closest friends. We share pretty much everything with each other. I became a mentor for her and she became my mini-me. She has pretty much done everything I did during high school and college and I’m honored she thinks I’m that cool (we all know I’m not) to want to be like me.

She definitely has her own personality – she’s so sassy and I love it. Her fashion sense also puts me to shame. She knows how to tell me to stop being an ass and I can’t hate her for it. Watching her grow up has been a surreal experience. My parents worked constantly out of necessity, so we were left to our own devices a lot of the time. I felt like a third parent sometimes (mainly because of my control issues) and much to her dismay she was stuck with me. She is an amazing kid and I am so excited for everything life has in store for her. It has been an experience watching her go through everything I just recently went through and how she comes out fighting. I like being the first person she calls for advice (at least I have convinced myself she does that) and no matter how old she gets, I will always see her as the little kid who would be glued to my side because she was scared of everyone else. We will always have our ups and downs, but  I am so grateful to have her as my sister (see that Mom? you were right!).


Happy Birthday Booger! Welcome to your 20s!



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