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So the world didn’t end and we made it to New Year’s Eve. I’m ready for 2012 to be over. There has been much heartbreak and pain this year and I can only hope the next brings more happiness. There is nothing worse than seeing loved ones suffer and know there is nothing you can […]

It’s almost time for the man in red to come down the chimney! You know… If we had a chimney… J and I are hosting Christmas dinner this year! We are making a whole rack of food and hopefully not setting off the fire alarm. Riley met Santa! She wasn’t exactly the happiest about it […]

Because it’s the holiday season, here are more things I appreciate (you can see the first part here). The Beach – specifically the Outer Banks because that was the first beach I ever went to, but all beaches in general. It’s warm, the waves are crashing on the sand, and you literally have no other […]

Um.. so something horrible happened this morning… I took Riley on her usual walk this morning. She was doing the same thing she always does, sniffing the ground and running in circles. Then all of a sudden before I could stop it… she ate poop. POOP! Not her own poop, some random poop that was […]

J and I met in a slightly unconventional way. It was November 2010 and my birthday had just passed. A friend of mine said he would take me out for my birthday. It was a Monday night, so I figured it would be dinner and drinks and then I could go to bed early (I […]

I’m in a funk. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the time change, but I’m definitely in a funk. I don’t want to be responsible for things anymore, I don’t want to be stressed out about everything anymore, I’m tired of working my ass off and not having what I want… I just […]