Your Dog Did What?!


Um.. so something horrible happened this morning… I took Riley on her usual walk this morning. She was doing the same thing she always does, sniffing the ground and running in circles. Then all of a sudden before I could stop it… she ate poop. POOP! Not her own poop, some random poop that was sitting on the ground! She then ran away before I could catch her and I stood there stunned. I didn’t want to believe it. She has never done something like that before. The second we got inside I brushed her teeth and mouth like there was no tomorrow.

J has suspected her of doing it before in the house once, most likely because she is afraid of getting in trouble. But she’s never done anything remotely close to that when we are with her. I know it is a common habit in dogs, especially puppy mill dogs, but she had never showed any interest or evidence of it. If she made a mess in the house, the evidence was there. While on walks, she would occasionally sniff other dog’s feces (thank you other owners who don’t clean up after their dogs) but she would always leave it alone and walk away. Until this morning.

Her schedule has been pretty off lately, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. She doesn’t eat in front of people and J is home most of the day since he works at nights. So unless she ate in the 2 hour overlap between J going to work and me coming home, she only ate at night when we were asleep. So maybe she was hungry? We feed her Blue Buffalo, so I doubt it is a lack of nutrition in the food.

I’m kind of at a loss of what to do right now. I don’t know if it is a habit or a one time deal. I’m not really sure the best plan of attack either. Is it too much to get a nanny cam in the house to watch your dog while you aren’t home?


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