More of the Things I Appreciate


Because it’s the holiday season, here are more things I appreciate (you can see the first part here).

  • The Beach – specifically the Outer Banks because that was the first beach I ever went to, but all beaches in general. It’s warm, the waves are crashing on the sand, and you literally have no other care in the world besides no burning. I love the beach, it is one of my favorite places to go and I will always pick somewhere warm over somewhere cold any day. Some of my fondest memories were going with Mr. and Mrs. T and their family to the beach and building sandcastles and trying to water ski. I love living by the coast and having the beach a few hours away.
  • Country Music / Concerts – I interned at CMT for a summer. If you didn’t love country music when you came in, you definitely did when you left. I have always loved country, there is always a song you can relate to and it doesn’t give (most people) you a headache. Also, my favorite thing to do in the summer is go to a country concert. Getting a group together to tailgate, people watch, and get drunk on the lawn. Nothing better.
  • London – this one experience changed my life forever. I studied abroad in London the spring semester of my junior year. It was the most amazing trip I could have ever been on. To be able to travel and visit different countries was the highlight of my life. It changed my attitude on life, solidified my love for travel, and ignited a fire in my need to see the world. Not to mention, made friends of a lifetime.
  • Planes – I travel a decent amount for work. Could you imagine if planes didn’t exist? It would either a.) make travel nonexistent or b.) make travel 100000 times longer. I am very thankful for always taking off and landing safely in new destinations.
  • Gummy Bears – or really anything gummy. How could you not love them?! They are sweet and/or sour and a perfect fix if you aren’t looking for chocolate.
  • Ice Cream – ice cream is my downfall. I could eat it anytime and anywhere, I just love it. Perfect pick-me up.
  • Camera – I love to document every moment. I always have my camera or iPhone ready and waiting to capture the next funny thing that happens. How many memories would we forget if we did not document them?
  • Mountains – they are just pretty to look at while driving through.
  • Blankets – there is an ongoing battle in my apartment over the thermostat. I would not survive the winter without blankets and my slippers
  • Colorful Pens – what is life without some color? The are fun to write with and make my notebook easier to decipher.
  • Calendars – I would be lost every second of the day if it wasn’t for my calendar at work, home or on my phone. Events tend to creep up on me and if they aren’t on the calender, they don’t exist in my world.
  • To-do Lists – nothing is more satisfying than crossing things off the to-do list. Not to mention, my short term memory is shot to hell, so without a to-do list, I would get nothing accomplished.
  • Good Set of Wine Glasses – I love wine and I feel classy with a glass of wine as opposed to solo cups circa college. (PS i want this so bad – Wine Sippy Cup but they are sold out because they went viral and now everyone wants one)
  • Vineyards – another favorite pastime is checking out new vineyards. I love local wineries, especially the smaller ones. My perfect afternoon includes wine tasting, and live music on the deck. There are so many in close proximity that it makes it easy to spend the day visiting vineyards. My current local favorite is Naked Mountain Winery – they have great views and great wine.
  • Skype/FaceTime – my sister and I are 2 states and 5 hours apart, I miss her all the time. FaceTime makes it feel like she isn’t that far, also she can stare at my dog, which is really all she wants to do anyway.
  • Back Roads – growing up in the DC area, you know nothing but traffic. Back roads are my saving grace against road rage and anger. It may take a little bit longer, but my sanity will still be intact and that is all we can really ask for.
  • Christmas lights – I love Christmas lights! They are the best part of the holiday. My dad always goes all out in the front, including a North Pole, and I am anxiously waiting for him to put them up this year. They are just happy and people are pretty freaking creative.
  • Camelbak Water Bottle – I’m a klutz and I spill. I love the Camelbak for the leak-proof straw, it makes my life 100 times easier. Also, I love straws.
  • Tide to Go – I cannot begin to tell you how many articles of clothing I have had to say goodbye to because I’m an idiot and can’t keep food/wine/anything off my clothes. Tide to Go is a Godsend.

What do you appreciate the most?


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