Don’t Try This at Home Folks


So my department got an iPad this year for traveling purposes. It is to be shared between the people in my department when we go on business trips to see if it can help us during our events as well as ease our travel. i was tasked with getting it and all the accessories. We decided to go with the InvisibleShield since it is virtually indestructible and who knows how much wear and tear this thing is going to get. I went and got it and I asked if someone could do it for me and they told me there was a fee. Being the cheapskate that I am, I decided to do it myself. This thing is not so easy – it is rather tricky for someone as unprepared as me. The first time I tried it, I followed the directions to a T. Everything was going great! Until I noticed a piece of dog hair was stuck to the inside of the cover. Where the F the dog hair came from I don’t know because I was meticulous about cleaning it. Of course it was stuck to the adhesive side and there began the downward spiral. As soon as I got one thing unstuck, something else would be left behind – dog hair, my hair, sparkles from my nail polish, the microfiber pad… it was a mess. After 2.5 hours of cursing, I finally had to take it back to the store and beg for an exchange. Of course, it was the same woman who I had said no to earlier for installation, I’m sure she was smirking. 20 minutes later, I had a new cover that looks beautiful and I refuse to ever try putting on screen protectors again. There is too much pressure and I am clumsy and mess things up. It was absolutely worth the money to have it done.

On a completely different note, I saw this on someone’s blog and I think it’s worth a try:


It seems really great and doesn’t ask for a lot of you and by the end you have over $1,300! I haven’t been able to save anything in almost 3 years. There has always been something coming up and paycheck to paycheck is how it had to be. Maybe this will help build the savings back up…


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