Pug Day


I cannot believe it has been a year since we lost our dear beloved Pug. My heart still breaks knowing he’s gone, especially thinking how much he would have loved Riley. How, no matter what was going on, he greeted you with a wagging tail and how much of a fighter he was until the very end. He was my dad’s saving grace when everything went to shit and his comfort when they didn’t get better. This past year was more difficult than the last and I think part of it was a little light was gone from Pug.

I know everyone views their pets differently,  in my house pets were the same as children. Pug was our first dog, we learned a lot from him. Nothing will ever replace him but I know he is over that Rainbow Bridge healthy and safe and running around without a care in the world. It brings comfort to know he is happy and one day we will meet again. He watches over us like he always has and protects us.

In honor of Pug, hold your furry ones tight. There is no love like that of a dog. I am lucky to have had it and had a dog so perfect for my family. His life was cut so short, but he brought more to us in those three years than we could have found in a lifetime.


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