Rain, Rain Go Away…


The weather here has been pretty crappy lately. PLEASE let the sun come back soon!

I have neglected the blog and I apologize. Most things have been the same in my world. I am trying to make an effort to see people I haven’t seen in awhile. It’s always nice to reconnect after a long time apart.

J and I met new couple friends, and as cheesy as it is, I love it. They are people we both want to hang out with and they aren’t “his” friends or “my” friends, they are “our” friends. I love when friendships are effortless – you just meet and hang out and have a good time. We all like doing pretty much the same thing so it works out really well.

We are also on a path to healthier living. J and I have put on some weight and I would like to see it go away. For Lent, I gave up “inactivity” and vowed to exercise the majority of the week. So far so good! My favorite thing to do is take Riley on walks. Being the weirdo she is, she gets so confused about what’s going on. She does her business and we keep walking. She gives me the “where are we going? home is that way” look and tries to run home. After a little while, she gets more used to the route. She is starting to get into everything these days – she is more curious, starting to warm up to more people (sorta). When an unwanted noise or person is in the apartment, she barks and growls. Slowly but surely she is learning more “normal” dog traits. The other day I caught playing with a toy! That is until she saw me and then wouldn’t go back near it. It really makes my heart melt seeing her do these things because I know there is a really playful dog somewhere behind the scared puppy.

The one big issue we are having with Riley is her accidents in the house. If she gets scared or confused, she pees on the floor and sits in it. We have no idea how to stop this while still trying to train her. I guess she will come around on her own?

I cannot wait for warmer weather, I want to do so many things outside without the fear of the wind knocking me down.

Any suggestions for indoor exercise? I want to do things that I can do quickly in between TV shows or errands.

Also, I have gotten hooked on The Following, but I can’t watch it at night because I am a wuss. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend checking it out!


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