Nov. 5 & 6


November 5: I am thankful for beautiful sunrises
This commute is starting to kick my ass and I’m only in my second week. I am tired and cranky and it is cold standing on that platform. But by being up this early I have seen some of the most beautiful sunrises and you can’t hate that. A whole new day full of possibility is just starting, why am I wasting it on being cranky?


November 6: I am thankful for new life
One year ago today, one of my best friends gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl. She was in labor for 3 days and experienced every sort of “birth” possible. Anyway to get a baby out, she tried it. I am so proud of her strength and in awe of what she did to bring her little girl into this world. Over the year, I have watched this little one grow from an infant to a toddler. Seeing the curiosity in her eyes and how everything is brand new and exciting. It’s amazing watching her discover and explore and part of my heart aches when I see her becoming more independent. I remember when they brought her home and it still feels like yesterday. When life starts to tumble, this little girl is a reminder of all the good in the world.


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