I Really Suck At This


More things to be thankful for

November 20: A solid roof over my head
In my line of work, I am hit everyday how difficult housing is for the majority of America. J and I struggle on a daily basis because the area we live in is too expensive for what we make, and we have two solid incomes. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for others. Especially as it gets colder, I am thankful for the simple luxuries like heat and running water.

November 21: Modern technology
This might sound stupid, but I am really grateful for my geeky gadgets and social media. It keeps me in constant contact with loved ones and allows my family overseas to give us updates when needed. It also gives me the flexibility in my work schedule to work closer to home when I need to.

November 22: The ability to unplug
I have fallen into the trap of always having to be “on” with the addiction of the iPhone. I keep my work email on my phone so I can check it every so often just in case event though it is completely not needed. J does not understand why and sometimes I’m not entirely sure either. It’s nice to have the constant reminder and the ability to walk away when I want.

November 23: Good friends to celebrate with
J planned a birthday party for me and all my closest friends were there. He also kicked me out of the house so I could have a girls day while he prepped everything. It’s been awhile since everyone was all together and I had forgotten how nice it is to have all my favorite people in one place again. I am grateful for each of their friendships and what they have brought to my life. They have challenged me, laughed with me and cried with me. And no matter what, they will always have my back.

November 24: Days off
Let me tell you how much hard it is to recover from a night of partying. I was out of commission all of Sunday. I have never appreciated a day with no plans more than that day. On top of that, J had the day off and we were able to just be together all day. That hasn’t happened in who knows how long. It was really nice to reconnect and relax with each other.

November 25: A man who cleans
Said party left my house a disaster. Without asking, J took care of almost everything. Lord knows what I would do without this man. He may drive me batty, but he takes care of me.

November 26: Experiencing all four seasons
In case you didn’t already know, I HATE the cold. I start complaining when it hits the 60s. Scarves are my best friend through the winter and my favorite accessory. As much as I complain, I really enjoy experiencing all the seasons. There is something special about each one – the way it makes its presence known and the way it exists so a new sesason can roll in. It’s the turning of a page or a chapter and brings in new life and excitement and hope.

November 27: Short commutes
With my new job came 12 hour days because I was commuting so much farther from home. On certain days, I can work from our office that is much closer to my house and they are turning into my favorites. I knew I was spoiled with a 15 minute commute, but I did not realize the toll it would take on me mentally and physically. Maybe I am just not used to it yet, but I am savoring these days that I get to be closer to home.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family and friends!


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