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I stumbled across this and it really struck a chord with me. Definitely worth a read by Molly Rivto. When You’re In Transition   Really, just get lost in all of Tiny Buddha. It’s good for the soul. And just so this post isn’t so lackluster, here are some pics of my really adorable animals (again, […]

Truth time – I think I am always right. 90% of the time I am, but it makes admitting fault very very difficult. Not so much at work, I know how to take responsibility at work. More in personal life. J and I got in a stupid fight last night and I could not, would […]

Sooo we may have gotten a cat… I never in a million years thought I would be a cat owner. Ever since I was 5 and a cat scratched my eye, I have been very weary about them. I have always been a dog person and steered clear of all cats. I was perusing Facebook […]