Remember When I Wasn’t a Cat Person?


Sooo we may have gotten a cat… I never in a million years thought I would be a cat owner. Ever since I was 5 and a cat scratched my eye, I have been very weary about them. I have always been a dog person and steered clear of all cats.

I was perusing Facebook one day, and our local vet posted a picture of a cat in need of a home. Her name is Lucky and she was rescued by one is the techs. She had a broken leg and they nursed her back to perfect health. I don’t know what it was, but I was immediately drawn to this cat. I brushed it off and didn’t think about it. Then, they reposted the picture about a month later and I couldn’t ignore it a second time.


First night home

J was very hesitant, in fact he flat out said no. We don’t have the room, we are just starting to get a step up on our finances, it wasn’t the right time. I agreed with him and thought it was kind of crazy for me to want her when I have never wanted a cat in my life. J said we could get a cat later if we wanted to, but I told him I didn’t want a cat, I wanted her. It doesn’t make much sense, but there was something about her. I really didn’t want A cat. I wanted THIS cat.


Feeling each other out

This was a family decision and if he wasn’t on board, I wasn’t going to push it any further. Leave it to J to be full of surprises. About a week later, he called me and asked me if I still wanted Lucky. Turns out he called the vet to see if she was still available and made an appointment to go meet her. My jaw dropped and my heart swelled at this gesture. I repeatedly asked him if he was sure and what changed his mind and that I didn’t want to be forcing him into this. Every time it was the same positive answer. This was important to me, so it was important to him. I don’t think I have ever been more touched.


So cute

We met her Thursday night and the tech gave us the option to foster her for a few weeks and see if it was a good fit. I was hesitant and thought we should take a few days to think about it (especially since I was going out of town for the weekend) but J insisted on bringing her home that night. He said if we were going to do it, we should just do it. We went to PetCo and got the necessities and then went back and picked up our kitty. The first night went well, she is very shy but loves to be pet once she is acclimated. We got her a collar with a bell and every time Riley heard it she would chase after the cat.

So, I left for NC for the weekend and J was left to man the animals alone. Riley barks incessantly when left alone with another dog and I was really concerned she would do the same with the cat. Thankfully, that only happened Friday and stopped once we took off the bell collar and left the bedroom door open (their favorite hiding spot).

All of Riley’s favorite spots are now Kitty’s spots. Riley is super jealous but also very curious about Lucky. She is more interested in Lucky than she has ever been with any dog. Lucky is very vocal when she wants something and curls up next to you in an instant. She spends most of her time hiding under the bed.

Did I mention I am allergic to cats? It’s a minor detail. I used to be highly allergic to anything and everything, including dogs and cats. Thankfully, I have grown out of most of them. I have been taking Claritin and Benedryl and it seems to be keeping it at bay. If it is manageable, it shouldn’t be an issue.


Keeping me from my work

As predicted, Lucky has already made her way into our hearts. If all goes well, she will be a permanent member of our family. We are proceeding with caution, just in case. We already have a name picked out for her, but for right now she is just Kitty.

Mom thinks I want to rescue all the animals. Which I guess is true. I hate seeing animals without homes and if I could I would adopt them all. For now, we will limit it to the dog and cat.


**Sorry for the poor picture quality, all were taking from my iPhone.**


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