Day 1


It is Day 1 and I am ready! Some stats to track my progress. I have never done this before (usually I do it privately to avoid public ridicule), but we’re all for trying new things.

Height – 5″0′
Starting Weight – 132 lbs (BMI: 26)
Goal – 115 – 120 lbs

Bust – 34″
Waist – 28.5″
Hips – 37.25″
Thigh – 22″
Arms – 11.5″
Neck – 12″

I know this doesn’t sound like a lot. And I know people have much greater weight loss goals than mine. And I can already feel people thinking this is superficial and stupid. I used to think that all the time when skinny friends would tell me they need to lose 5 lbs while there I was at 155 lbs and couldn’t move the scale. This is a journey about healthy living and trying to find the balance that works for me. Food and I have a tumultuous relationship. I crave potato chips, french fries, ice cream and chicken nuggets. I am an emotional/bored/closet eater who constantly thinks about my next meal. I don’t like to waste food and if it is good I always want more. I don’t have self control and don’t know how to moderate. WW gives me the freedom to eat what I want with the accountability.

I started the day with some green tea. I had a doctor’s appointment so I didn’t want to eat anything. For lunch, I made a turkey sandwich on a sandwich thin with hummus, carrots, celery and grapes. I also brought some pistachios if I get hungry later. Hummus is becoming my favorite condiment on sandwiches, it is filling and delicious. I have really been craving spaghetti squash these days, so I think I will make that for dinner with either some chicken or Aidells meatballs.  I am trying to channel my inner camel and just drink water, I’ve started sitting it right in front of me so I can drink and type.

This is one of my new favorite recipes to make from SkinnyTaste – Cheesy Baked Spaghetti Squash Boats with Grilled Chicken

If you haven’t noticed, I also feel the need to justify everything. I can’t do something just to do it, I care too much about what people think. I thought I was over that, I’m really not.

Tomorrow, I am hosting a bridal shower for one of my friends. I am really stressing out and feeling like I have forgotten a bazillion things. Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. I think it’s great you are doing this. So many people publicly focus on their weight when they have a ton of weight to lose, and somehow it’s not socially acceptable for someone who has a little to lose to post it in the same manner. If we are not comfortable in our bodies (and we’re being healthy about it) then why shouldn’t we be able to get some public love and support too. I encourage you to continue posting as often as you want and/or need.

    • 2 B

      Thank you for the kind words! You are completely right, we all need some support and encouragement no matter our body types.

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