Week 1 and Valentine’s Day


First week is done and I am down 3 lbs as of my weigh-in this morning. I don’t feel like I have lost anything, in fact for a few days I felt like I had gained weight. But I think that’s in part to some lady days (sorry for the TMI). I have been eating nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables. On the PointsPlus system, most fruits and vegetables are zero points so I have been taking full advantage of that. At the beginning, I was struggling a bit because the point system is so different from the original plan and I was so used to that. It was surprising to see how many points things are now compared to before. I mean, it’s only 1 or 2 but that adds up to a lot when there are only so many points a day. It actually hasn’t been too difficult though. I thought it would be more of a struggle to transition, but it has been easier than anticipated. I love the new WW site, especially the new recipe builder. It makes it so much easier to put in full meals and calculate the points accurately.

My sister told me I have an obsessive personality, I’m starting to think she is right. I have been consumed with finding out how many points things are and have been cautious to what I eat in order to have enough points for the rest of the day. It’s like a new toy, I just want to play with the app all the time. It makes me nervous to go out to eat though or to have other people cook for me because I don’t know exactly what they used. I am a control freak. Once I get a better handle on it, I’m sure I will chill out. I have to say this jump start has really upped the motivation.

With all the fruits and vegetables, I have found I am not as hungry as I used to be. The times I used to be snacking, I feel satisfied. It’s amazing how eating the right foods really makes a difference. I also have been getting fuller faster. All good things and are changing the way I view what I eat. I crave clementines instead of chips and reach for carrots and cucumbers instead of cookies. It has also showed me just how much each measurement is. I used to think 1/2 cup of anything was so small, it is a lot of ice cream or a lot of rice. And you don’t really need that full tablespoon of olive oil. I know it’s only been the first week, but I hope I can keep going the way I have.

Happy Valentine’s Day! This has never been one of my favorite holidays, but it’s a celebration of love. J surprised me with a GIANT card. He never gives me cards, so this was huge. And it is bigger than life. I am going to attempt to make some chocolate ricotta mousse for him since I didn’t have a change to get out and get him his card. We have a double date with some of our close friends tonight, I’m really excited for it. We were going to get really dressed up, but the two feet of snow has kind of put a damper in that. I do not trust myself in heels in this weather. I am very thankful for the two days at home I have gotten this week though because of it. We took Riley out yesterday to run around and she had no idea what to do with herself. It was so tall she couldn’t get anywhere. We didn’t last very long haha. We have to dig ourselves out shortly, if I remember to take pictures I’ll post them.

Hope you are spending the day with your loved ones!


2 Responses to “Week 1 and Valentine’s Day”

  1. Great job so far and good luck in your weight loss journey! I’ll be following you! I’m in school to become a registered dietitian so you may find my blog useful in your weight loss journey. I usually recommend that people start here http://whatmattersnutrition.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/weight-loss-step-1-motivation/ .
    I too have an obsessive personality, but you can use to it your advantage in the beginning to learn. In a few weeks you will know it really well and you can chill out just like you said!

    • 2 B

      Thank you! I will definitely be following you. I am always looking for new resources.

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