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It is amazing the things it takes for us to realize how stupid the small stuff really is. In the grand scheme of life, the minor annoyances/failures/road bumps don’t mean squat. And how quickly we forget about that. How quickly we are to immerse ourselves in the negative and what we don’t have instead of […]

Week 5


Last week was hard. I fell into old habits, didn’t exercise, and gave myself more liberties than I should have. I am down .4 lbs. I’m not surprised. I had so much gusto at the beginning and it’s fading quickly. My cheat day turned into two semi-cheat days. Or it’s been a little give and […]

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My words are not a parachute. They won’t soften the landing when that moment buckles your knees and breaks you down to the floor. My words, they’re not no cold bucket of water. They won’t extinguish the doubt that blazes heavy, heavy, like a fire catching to all the pretty…

We have received two notes at our door regarding Riley’s barking. They are always anonymous and have been months apart. This one stated they would make a formal complaint should it happen again. Obviously, this had me stressing when I came home. I went to all the neighbors to apologize and figure out what was […]

I like WW’s motivational tools. You get a star for every accomplishment you make – losing two weeks in a row, keeping up exercise and making your healthy checks, etc. This week I got my first five pounds star. I am down to 126.8, total loss of 5.2 lbs. I’m not gonna lie, the scale […]

Yesterday was a hard day. We laid to rest a great man and an American hero. He was the boyfriend of a dear friend of mine and, though I did not know him personally, my heart is broken for the great spirit the world has lost. He was a decorated soldier who passed in a […]