Life, Love, and Loss


Yesterday was a hard day. We laid to rest a great man and an American hero. He was the boyfriend of a dear friend of mine and, though I did not know him personally, my heart is broken for the great spirit the world has lost. He was a decorated soldier who passed in a training accident; it was shocking and sudden.  It is moments like this where you can’t help but ask WHY? Why do horrible things happen to good people? Why was a life taken so quickly and incredibly too soon? What sense does this make?

L is the most amazing woman I have had the pleasure of knowing and I do not know where she has found her strength, but I admire her. To have the love of your life ripped away from you… I cannot begin to imagine what she is going through.

It was a beautiful service at Arlington and a reminder that our freedom does not come free.

I don’t have any words for the sadness I feel for his family and friends. For the heartache I feel for L. For the anger I have of a life cut short…

Rest in Peace Major, you will always be in our hearts


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