Week 4 – First Five


I like WW’s motivational tools. You get a star for every accomplishment you make – losing two weeks in a row, keeping up exercise and making your healthy checks, etc. This week I got my first five pounds star. I am down to 126.8, total loss of 5.2 lbs. I’m not gonna lie, the scale might be lying this week. I was really bad. It has been stressful and emotional and I reverted to some of my old habits – my weakness to snacking. I made it okay to have more than one cheat day and completely validated the use of my bonus points. But it has helped me realize that I cannot stick to the “super gungho healthy” all the time. Sometimes you just want a cracker, and that is completely okay. You just balance it with something better. The point system has showed me my skewed perception on what I was actually eating. I ate like a house. My tiny snacks added up. It’s been a reality check for sure. I get the urge to cheat a lot, but that only hurts myself. It was a really good feeling putting my jeans on this morning and not having to squeeze as much as I used to – can’t remember if I have worn them earlier and they have stretched a bit but we are going with it.

In other news, I went to the doctor for my physical today and everything is where it should be, minus my Vitamin D. I have to take a supplement and see if that helps. She also suggested I add yoga to my exercise routine and I might find a class to take. I have been really stressed out lately and it might help. And I need to work my core.

I need to make some lifestyle changes and focus on me for a bit. There are so many things swirling and I can’t keep getting caught up in all of it. It’s becoming unhealthy for me. I need to stop moving through the motions and make some direct changes to my inner self. Because something is not quite right and I am the only one who can fix it.



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