S.O.S – Barking Dog


We have received two notes at our door regarding Riley’s barking. They are always anonymous and have been months apart. This one stated they would make a formal complaint should it happen again. Obviously, this had me stressing when I came home. I went to all the neighbors to apologize and figure out what was going on, but no one said they wrote the note and almost everyone said she barked sometimes but it wasn’t a big deal. So, I’m at a loss as to who is sending these notes or what to do about it.

Riley still suffers from separation anxiety and we knew she was barking sometimes. We got the ultrasonic bark collar and that seemed to be working. We figured she was barking if someone knocked on the door or she heard a noise outside, normal dog behavior. She only does it when we are not home, so we don’t actually know the validity of the claims – how long/ how often/ etc. We are either going to get a nanny cam or set up a digital recorder. We also bought the citronella spray collar as the next step – trying all our options. I’ll report back on that once it arrives.

Part of me wants to stay a step ahead and go to the leasing office and see if anyone has made a complaint about us. At least make them aware that we aren’t ignoring the complaint and making every valiant effort to correct the problem. Especially since we still don’t know who wrote the notes after talking to everyone. The other part of me doesn’t want to stir the pot if we don’t have to.

Any helpful advice on how to deal with barking dogs when you aren’t home or with anonymous neighbors?


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