Week 5


Last week was hard. I fell into old habits, didn’t exercise, and gave myself more liberties than I should have. I am down .4 lbs. I’m not surprised. I had so much gusto at the beginning and it’s fading quickly. My cheat day turned into two semi-cheat days. Or it’s been a little give and take each day. I don’t feel good, I feel bloated and lethargic. I need to kick myself into gear again.

In other news, it snowed. AGAIN. While the snow day is nice, the snow part is becoming cumbersome. Let’s hope that is it for this winter and some warm weather may be headed our way.

The spray collar seems to be working. We have tested Riley a few times (sitting outside the door, knocking on the door) and she doesn’t bark. Or she will bark once and be done. I need to go back to the neighbors and see what they say, but fingers crossed this is the solution we were looking for.

Guinney forgets she’s a cat I think. She wants belly rubs all the time and wants nothing more than to be outside. She has darted out the front door a few times now and she is getting faster on her escape. Usually she will walk very slowly out the door, this morning she trotted right out like she was on a mission. We need to keep an eye out for her. J got her a laser pointer and she is obsessed. She senses whenever you are about to pick it up and comes out from where she was.

That’s all going on in our house, we are boring. Sometimes boring is good.


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