Week 8


I have failed at updating, BUT I have reached my first milestone! WW sets up weight loss goals for you, and the first was a 5% loss, and I finally hit it!

Current Stats (as of 4/4/14)

Starting Weight – 132
Current Weight – 124.8

I am down 1″ in my waist, .5″ in my arms, .5″ in my thighs and 1.25″ in my hips. Though I am not entirely sure I am taking my measurements correctly, we will go with it. I set my new goal for 10% weight loss – it will be the lowest I have ever been if I hit the goal.

I am trying really hard to listen to my body’s cues – how I feel after I eat something, am I hungry or thirsty or bored, etc. Really trying to understand what I need when I need it. It’s been a slow learning process, but day by day it gets easier. I have been more forgiving with myself, small indulgences instead of really big ones. Giving myself one cheat day a week hasn’t really been the best approach. I found myself getting too excited for this one day, gorging and not feeling good afterwards. I felt it set me back for the rest of the week (I was dangerously low on “extra” points and I just felt bloated and lethargic). If I give myself more of a break through the week, I do much better. I use the extra points when I need to, but I can usually work around balancing my day – if I know we have big plans at night, I stick to fruits and veggies through the day.

Now that the weather is warming up (finally), the dog and I have been going on more walks. Our path is a solid 2 miles and we can usually walk it in 40-50 minutes. It’s not fast, but it gets us moving and Riley likes to sniff everything and anything. She always knows when we are on the return, she beelines home and doesn’t look back.

J is pushing through the semester, and I am crazy proud of him. He is so close to being an EMT and I cannot wait until he is doing something he loves. It’s been a really tough road, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The animals have become BFFs, but all the animal hair is becoming the bane of my existence. I lint roll before I go to work and still show up covered in hair. It’s not professional and there has to be a better solution. We are constantly vacuuming and brushing the cat, but it never goes away. That’s what we get for having a long-haired cat, haha

I have been in a funk the past few weeks, nothing seems to be going right and it just seems like a black cloud is sitting over my head. It happens more often than not, and I think it might be time I do something about it.

Weekend festivities are starting! Bachelorette party this weekend, then wedding, wedding, bachelorette, wedding, wedding. It’s going to be a very busy spring and summer!


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