Whole30 – Day 1


My roommates and I officially started Whole30. The idea of Whole30 is to give your body a nutritional reset. For 30 days you avoid grains, sugar, alcohol, dairy, soy, and legumes. Essentially, you eat meat and veggies with some fruit and good fat. A friend of mine introduced it to me after she did it and loved it.

I highly recommend reading It Starts with Food. It goes into how certain foods affect your body and why you are to eliminate them during the 30 days. It puts everything into much better perspective. It is most definitely a lifestyle change. After the month, you re-introduce the same categories and see how your body reacts. Ideally, you will relearn your hunger cues and better understand your body and the fuel it needs. There is no calorie counting, you eat until full. You also are not allowed to weigh or measure yourself except for the first day and last day.

My roommate and I planned out the weekly menu and went grocery shopping yesterday. It took us over an hour to plan the menu and about 2.5 hours to shop. We were really exhausted afterwards. Finding compliant foods was difficult. Everything has some form of sugar or soy in it. And it was overwhelming to have to essentially restock our house. But it’ll get simpler since now we have a bunch of the staples we need.

We are going heavy on the cooking this week as it’s the first and we can see where things fall. I’m sure once we become more comfortable with everything we will not be going as crazy. We found some really great recipes and thank goodness for Pinterest.

I’m expecting to not be a very happy person the first week as my body essentially detoxes from the sugar and carbs and whatnot. It will be really hard not to eat rice or chips and I’m sure the cravings will be tough for awhile. But I’m really excited to do this, my body needs it.

Menu – Day 1
Breakfast: Bacon, Arugula and Tomato Quiche

I don’t like eggs. The taste, the texture… Just no. A big breakfast protein is eggs, so I’m trying to make it work. This quiche worked. We added more veggies to make it less eggy and the crust is made from sweet potatoes. I couldn’t tell there were really eggs in it. The flavors were delicious and I was surprisingly pleased with the crust. Next time I would cover the top so the bottom could get as crispy as the edges.

Bacon falls into one of those “impossible to find” foods. The only place that had compliant bacon was Whole Foods. There’s a reason they tell you to limit your processed meats. But it was delicious.

Recipe from The Freckled Foodie.


Lunch: Beef and Cauli-Rice Stuffed Zucchini

These are a must-have! You couldn’t even tell there wasn’t any rice in it, the cauliflower mixed well with the beef. The mustard in the recipe added some really nice flavor to it. We threw in some tomatoes just for fun. One zucchini (two stuffed halves) were plenty for me for lunch.

Recipe from Holistically Engineered.


Dinner: Butternut Squash Lasagna

This lasagna concept was much better in theory than actuality. The flavors of it were good and we will definitely be using the sauce from it. I think they would be better over zoodles though, the texture wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

Disclaimer: we did forget to add the egg to it, so that could have been the difference. Don’t be like us.

Recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/b3a/31217691/files/2015/01/img_4100.jpg

We had a lot of beef today. In fact, the menu this week is much heavier in red meat. We didn’t intend it, but those recipes looked good. We spent all day cooking and planning today. It was exhausting. We got cranky. We wanted to snack. We wanted chocolate. We may have snacked on veggies and fruits as we went along. I had difficulty telling the difference when I was hungry and when I wanted to snack. I love to snack. This week is going to be rough in terms of that, but I know they will subside.

One day down… 29 to go.


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  1. Great post! Welcome to the Whole30 club! 🙂

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