We Meet Again Whole30


Clearly I suck at the blogging thing… or maybe I just don’t have enough to write about. Whatever it is, I’m back again for another go at this. Just in time for:


Yep, we are starting again. This time it is just me and the beau (who I have officially moved in with) and we are on a mission for a healthy 2016. We both let ourselves go in the second half of last year and it’s time to get back in the swing of things. I took my measurements for the first time since we did Whole30 last year and they weren’t pretty. But I have confidence that we will start feeling better soon.

After Whole30 the first time (read about it here) we felt so great about ourselves! We had so much more energy, no bloating, etc. Our downfall was we didn’t do the reintroduction period, we just jumped in eating whatever we wanted. So we don’t know exactly how our bodies reacted to certain foods. With that, the cravings came back and as life got busier, we stopped paying attention to what we ate and just ran with whatever was in front of us. Fast forward to now and you have two bloated, cranky folks. We are committed to doing it right this time, including the reintroduction phase. These are lifestyle changes that I believe we can take and stay consistent in doing.

We officially began January 4th. We are sticking mainly to the recipes we are familiar with this week, but have a whole rack of new ones waiting to be tested. Thank you Pinterest!

Check back for updates and how we fared through Week 1!


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