Whole30 – Week 1


I have mixed feelings about you, Week 1. I am excited and scared and anxious. I guess it’s easier this time around because we know better of what to expect but the anticipation of it all gets to you sometimes. I know preparation is key and I will be very tired of the kitchen by the time we are done, but I’m excited for the challenge. I think the detoxing makes Week 1 the hardest and it gets slightly easier after that.

Pre-Whole30 – Grocery shopping for Whole30 is no joke. The beau and I spent 2.5 hours in 4 different grocery stores in order to get everything we needed. Costco for all the bulk items, Trader Joe’s for the smaller produce and any TJ specific items, WholeFoods for the more obscure items, and Giant for anything we couldn’t find in the above mentioned stores. We didn’t have any of the basics (coconut oil, ghee, etc), so this grocery trip was for everything we would ever need.

Once we got home, we cleared out everything in the fridge and cupboards that we weren’t going to eat or would not be good after 30 days. We then arranged our fridge. I wish I took a picture of it, the overly organized/OCD in me was very happy.

One of my favorite purchases of the day was the SodaStream Play. We go through so much sparkling water, the cost and the amount of plastic we were wasting was driving me nuts. Not to mention, we live on the third floor, so carrying the huge cases was no fun either. All in all it was more cost effective for us to buy the SodaStream. We were in Costco and they had it for the right price (does anyone else get a high from getting things cheaper at Costco?!). The beau fought me a bit because we do have limited counterspace but in the end he realized it would be a better investment for us. Needless to say, we love it. I can make sparkling water whenever I want and it tastes practically the same as the fancy waters. I have also recently learned (which I’m sure is really old news and I am slow to the party) that you can exchange the carbonators at local retailers for cheaper. This blew my mind and made my life. I fully plan on taking advantage of BB&B’s 20% coupons whenever I need a refill.

Day 1 – 1/4/16
Breakfast – Aidells chicken and apple sausage , spinach and roasted potatoes
Lunch – Crockpot beef stew with cauliflower mash (one of our favorites to make)
Dinner – Steak fajita salads with roasted peppers and guacamole and plantain chips from Trader Joe’s (also a favorite staple)

I cannot stress this enough to you, you HAVE to try the seasoning we used for the fajitas. It is something we will probably put into weekly rotation. We got the skirt steak from Whole Foods (damn you Whole Foods for having such incredible meat), marinated it overnight and threw it on the grill when we were ready for dinner. AMAZING.

A lovely find we had from the previous Whole30 was the power of the Ninja. It’s the only thing I use if I need to mash or dice or chop anything. It is especially usefully when we make cauli mash – it makes it extra smooth and creamy. We just have the little one and it works perfectly for us.

Day 1 was pretty easy, but it is probably the easiest day. Last time, I was extremely exhausted from the carbs detox and I expect I will have the same this time. It’s much easier cooking for two than four, I will say that. And the beau is very helpful in the kitchen, whether it be prepping something or cleaning. It makes it a lot easier and more manageable than doing it alone.

I think this post is long enough… week 1 to be continued.


2 Responses to “Whole30 – Week 1”

  1. I’m on day 4 and I am so exhausted! The fajita salads sounds great – definitely will be on the menu in our house sometime next week.

    Also, I love Costco so buying anything there is a high for me 🙂

  2. 2 B

    Hang in there, it’ll pass soon! The first time I did it, it took two weeks to get over the exhaustion (shows how dependent I was on carbs…oops) but after that I felt so much better.

    Costco has the same power as Target, you walk in for one thing and walk out with a hundred things you didn’t know you needed. But they have so many good finds!

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