Whole30 – Week 1 cont’d


Today is Day 8 and I am officially in my cranky/moody phase. Everything annoys me. It’s not that I don’t feel good – I can definitely feel the changes starting (I feel better physically, I am sleeping better, etc.) but I can’t shake the annoyance. I know it’s just a phase but, man, it gets you sometimes. AND my office has bagel Monday every week.. STAYING STRONG!

The rest of the week went well. I am slowly getting back into a routine again. I made it to the gym 3 times last week and I’m hoping to increase that to 4 this week. On days I went to the gym, I made sure to go to bed at a decent hour and it absolutely made a difference. I wasn’t sluggish, I felt alert and was well rested. I attempted to do the same last night, but ended up not going to bed until about 12:30am. I was afraid I wouldn’t get up at 5:30am for my class but I was surprisingly just as alert as I had been all last week. That’s the biggest change I have noticed thus far.

I lost the workweek FitBit challenge, but I did hit 10,000 steps two days in a row! It was a feat to get those two days, let me tell you. I spent the evening doing laps around the condo with the dog following me thinking it was a game haha. The winner had over 66,000 steps M-F… I don’t think I hit 40,000. It was nice to have the little competition though to keep me motivated to walk.

Yesterday (day 7) tested my patience every so slightly. I knew the crankiness was looming and wanted to do nothing more than be left alone with my book, dog and a blanket. The beau went to the Caps game (anyone see Ovi score his 500th goal? it was beautiful) so I had the house to myself for the evening. I started meal prepping for the week/dinner that evening and everything was going as it should…. until I started making the breakfast sausages. Our smoke alarms are really sensitive and we have vaulted ceilings, so they are virtually impossible to shut up once they get going. We have tried various methods to try and prevent it (leaving the balcony door open, having a fan going, having someone hold the fan as close to the smoke detector as possible) but they will inevitably go off. Yesterday, I was by myself tackle this lovely chore. How many times could it possibly go off in one meal? I lost count after 11. I was racing between the kitchen and the smoke detector to hold the fan up to it to make it stop… it was a disaster. I eventually gave up and put the breakfast sausages away to cook for another day and left my green beans extra crisp. At least my pork came out pretty well?

Check out what we have been eating and some great new recipes to try!

Day 3 – 1/6
Breakfast – Chia Seed Pudding
Lunch – Beef stew, cauliflower rice, roasted brussels sprouts (leftovers)
Dinner – Lettuce wrapped burgers topped with bacon and guacamole, roasted potatoes

Day 4 – 1/7
Breakfast – Aidell’s sausage and sauteed spinach
Lunch – Lettuce wrapped burgers topped with bacon and guacamole, roasted potatoes (leftovers)
DinnerPizza Spaghetti Squash Pie with some sauteed broccoli
I used this recipe to make the Italian sausage, I highly recommend it!

Day 5 – 1/8
Breakfast – Chia Seed Pudding
Lunch – Pizza Spaghetti Squash Pie (leftovers)
Dinner – Leftovers

Day 6 – 1/9
Breakfast – Aidell’s sausage and spinach / apple
Lunch – Steak with cauli mash and roasted broccoli (The beau makes AMAZING steak, I devoured it before I thought to take a photo of it…)
DinnerLemon and basil pork chops with cauli mash and roasted broccoli

We broiled instead of baked. I LOVE using the broiler. I think it keeps the meat juicy and tender while adding a nice crisp. 9/10, if it says to bake, we will use the broiler.

Day 7 – 1/10
I will admittedly say this was not the greatest eating day. I was cranky and feeling very snacky. I stayed compliant in everything I had, but the day consisted of chia seed pudding, roasted potatoes, plantain chips, carrots and guac. I did cook a great pork tenderloin (based on this recipe with my tweaks) for dinner, but in the midst of the fire alarms did not have the energy to get a photo.

I think I’m going to need to find a substitute for the chia seed pudding, it is not agreeing well with my stomach. I am also starting to think potatoes are my kryptonite and I might need to start re-evaluating how much I use them… which will be heartbreaking.

This coming week we are trying all new recipes, I’m excited to add some new meals to our collection.


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