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Week 12


It took three weeks, but I am back to losing instead of gaining.  This shit is no joke. It takes every ounce of me to make better decisions. I actually have to be selfish for myself, which is a foreign concept to me. I am so used to putting all my time and energy into […]

Week 5


Last week was hard. I fell into old habits, didn’t exercise, and gave myself more liberties than I should have. I am down .4 lbs. I’m not surprised. I had so much gusto at the beginning and it’s fading quickly. My cheat day turned into two semi-cheat days. Or it’s been a little give and […]

We have received two notes at our door regarding Riley’s barking. They are always anonymous and have been months apart. This one stated they would make a formal complaint should it happen again. Obviously, this had me stressing when I came home. I went to all the neighbors to apologize and figure out what was […]

Week 2


I didn’t do as well this week, I am down .4 lbs. I guess it is better than the scale going up, but I am a little disappointed in myself. I was eating different things this week, which may account for it. I did go a little crazy on Valentine’s Day, but I was really […]

Instant Mama


I am going to preface this now by saying I know having pets is 100% different than having children. With that said… My animals are my babies and I feel like their parent. Animals have such an innocent and loving soul, all I want to do is protect them. From the moment we brought Riley home, […]

Sooo we may have gotten a cat… I never in a million years thought I would be a cat owner. Ever since I was 5 and a cat scratched my eye, I have been very weary about them. I have always been a dog person and steered clear of all cats. I was perusing Facebook […]