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It’s Over


No matter how hard you fight, some things are just not meant to be. J and I have decided to end our relationship. It’s been a very long, hard 3.5 years and we are just going down two different paths. We have tried so hard to make it work, but we have been at each […]

Week 12


It took three weeks, but I am back to losing instead of gaining.  This shit is no joke. It takes every ounce of me to make better decisions. I actually have to be selfish for myself, which is a foreign concept to me. I am so used to putting all my time and energy into […]

Yesterday was a hard day. We laid to rest a great man and an American hero. He was the boyfriend of a dear friend of mine and, though I did not know him personally, my heart is broken for the great spirit the world has lost. He was a decorated soldier who passed in a […]

Wow what a difference a year makes! A year ago today, we brought Riley home from the shelter. We started this journey with no plan at all and she continues to amaze us everyday. I still remember when we first saw her, it was in the last row that we looked at and she was […]

Love is Love


I’m going to keep this short. Love is Love. No matter who it is between, it means the same to me as it does to you. It holds the same importance in my life as it does yours. Why must we keep debating this? You cannot tell me that legalizing gay marriage is going to […]

J and I met in a slightly unconventional way. It was November 2010 and my birthday had just passed. A friend of mine said he would take me out for my birthday. It was a Monday night, so I figured it would be dinner and drinks and then I could go to bed early (I […]

It’s Chicken


I have been biting my tongue about this because a political debate is the last thing I want to get into. But all this Chick-fil-A hoopla needs to stop. People get their panties in a twist over everything these days, and I’m done reading and hearing about it. Let me preface that I do not […]