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November 28: My family Today, we got to spend the afternoon with my loud, crazy family. On my mom’s side, there are 5 siblings in the states with everyone else still in the Philippines and my dad is the only one on his side to be here, everyone is in Vietnam. This was an extra […]

More things to be thankful for November 20: A solid roof over my head In my line of work, I am hit everyday how difficult housing is for the majority of America. J and I struggle on a daily basis because the area we live in is too expensive for what we make, and we […]

Nov. 5 & 6


November 5: I am thankful for beautiful sunrises This commute is starting to kick my ass and I’m only in my second week. I am tired and cranky and it is cold standing on that platform. But by being up this early I have seen some of the most beautiful sunrises and you can’t hate […]

In honor of my bestest’s birthday, I dedicate this post of thanks to her. I met my BFF during my semester abroad in London. We were choosing our flatmates and she rounded out our 7-person flat. From the minute we met, we were instant friends and all my best memories and adventures include her. She […]

Month of Thanks


I’m a couple days behind on this, but there are a lot of things I am thankful for and what better time than November to list them. November 1: I am thankful for new opportunities. This past Monday, I started a new job within my company. I moved departments to a role that is more […]