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I can’t believe it is June already! This year has been a whirlwind. My entire life fell apart over a year ago at this point. And it took me a minute to recognize that I didn’t even realize it. The thing I thought was going to destroy me was the best decision I ever made for […]

Life is Good


There comes a point when you are so far down a hole that you cannot possibly think you will ever see the light again. That you cannot possibly go one more day through this because it is eating every part of your soul. But guess what? That day does come. And when you realize that […]

Can anyone believe we are two days from Christmas and nine from 2015?! This year has flown and I’m finally coming to the surface and catching my breath after the whirlwind. My entire life turned upside down and flipped itself back around. I can honestly say I am happier than I have ever been. I have a […]

Truth time – I think I am always right. 90% of the time I am, but it makes admitting fault very very difficult. Not so much at work, I know how to take responsibility at work. More in personal life. J and I got in a stupid fight last night and I could not, would […]

More things to be thankful for November 20: A solid roof over my head In my line of work, I am hit everyday how difficult housing is for the majority of America. J and I struggle on a daily basis because the area we live in is too expensive for what we make, and we […]